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Hoosier Indian Tribe

Miami Tribe of Indiana They lost their federal recognition in the 1890s, but they still have a tribal headquarters in Peru Indiana. (they are trying to get federal recognition back) Like their Shawnee and Kickapoo cousins, they are renowned warriors.

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Time is cruel

This is the site of an 80-acre farm that my grandfather, Lawrence Suddeth, moved to as a child about 1890. The cleared area is where the farm stood. This is near Marysville, Indiana, about 25 miles northeast of Louisville. As a child, Colonel Sanders (KFC) lived next door. His home is also gone. Only memories remain.

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Hiking fun. Charlestown State Park is near Charlestown Indiana, about 20 miles east of Louisville. This is a spring on Trail 2–a medium trail, you need some physical fitness. As a baby, I lived on a mule-powered farm not far from here.

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I found this old photo of the Marysville, Indiana RR station. My grandfather, Lawrence Suddeth grew up on a farm near here. Colonel Harlan Sanders of KFC lived on the farm next door. I believe the main part of Marysville, on Hwy 3, lay to the viewer’s right. Grandpa’s farm lay farther to the right, on the other side of US 3. This about 7 miles north of Charlestown, Indiana.

Today the RR is long gone, the business section having moved to US 3. 5 years ago, a tornado destroyed Marysville. The business section is gone–the only thing left is a church, post office, ex-grade school/community center, and a few houses.

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I love this picture. (Not sure who the artist is) I imagine the great warrior leader, Tecumseh, great of all Shawnee leading a raiding party through the Indian woods.He was not only a brilliant military tactician, but a man of compassion. He eradicated torture among Shawnees.

[in another lifetime, I was Tecumseh! Everyone can be Napoleon]

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When Indiana was Indian

This map of the Indian nations in Indiana was printed about 1883 from a handwritten map, dating perhaps from 1810. The Shawnee lived across the Ohio River from Louisville. A few mixed-blood Shawnee still live a miles north of Louisville. Note the Indian names for the various rivers.

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Tired of the Heat?

For those tired of  hot weather, here is a portent of things to come. Eric Suddeth took this fabulous photo of a park near him in Jeffersonville Indiana.

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Downtown Columbus , Indiana. I climbed this tower, it is a rougher climb than my photo suggests. Great downtown park.

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In recent years I-65 in Clark County, Indiana (opposite Louisville) has had the reputation for being the worst police trap in Indiana. Apparently, the ISP (Indiana State Police) has been diligent for a while. This photo has the makings of a story.

It is listed as Sellersburg, Indiana, late 1950’s. I believe this is US 31 (I-65 replaced it) just south of Sellersburg or just past Speeds Cement—the northern part of Sellersburg. The ISP had a police post on Highway 62 north of Jeffersonville—this would have been 5 to 10 miles away. Smokey is on duty here.

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Story Inn now owns Story, Indiana, on the backside of Brown County State Park. Except for 2 homes, the other homes are cottages available for travelers, some dating to 1851. If you leave a blue light on, the Blue Lady may appear & leave behind a blue ribbon or the scent of cherry tobacco (her favorite). Some say the ghost of her lover will also appear.

The old general store (once a Studebaker buggy dealership) is a gourmet restaurant with an accompanying bar. Next door is an old mill. Visit them, IF the Blue Lady lets you leave your cottage. Good luck, ye of great courage.

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