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Ancient Celtic Custom

Wren Day (December 26) is a widespread tradition in Europe, especially in Ireland where Wrenboys (Mummers, strawboys) go door-to=door singing, collecting tips for charity. Once, live or sacrificed wrens were paraded about, nowadays effigies are used. Nobody knows the origins of these customs or even the word’s origin. I suspect a Celtic origin to the word and Druidic origin to the custom. (A salute to my triple great grandmother Nancy Moore Suddeth, born in Ireland, likely south of Dublin)

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Druids’ script?

Ogham mystery.

Ogham is a script found primarily in Ireland, and no one knows its origins. It is about 2000 years old, but when Ireland was Christianized, it gradually gave way to the Latin script. Most existing Ogham inscriptions are in stone, though wood etc. may have perished over the centuries.

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