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Christmas at sea

December 20, 1606, 3 ships set sail from London, bound for Jamestown: the Susan Constant (largest), Godspeed, Discovery (smallest). 105 men and boys, 39 crewmen reached Virginia April 1607 after docking in Puerto Rico for supplies. Christmas at sea, 1 settler dying at sea.

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Nerdy writer?

I sometimes watch TV. Some TV newscasters keep saying “they are honing in on the truth”– Ouch! “Hone” means to sharpen. “Home in” is what they mean, as in “Homing in on the downed plane’s location.”

And using a modernism in an historical program ruins it for me. Recently I watched a PBS (yes, PBS) series, “Jamestown,” about the colony of Jamestown about 1620. A man said, “I was mesmerized.” (hypnotized) Trouble is Mesmer was not born for over 100 years later. (he did an early form of hypnosis) Ruined the show for me.

These are just 2 recent examples that take my interest away from the TV. Nerdy? Guilty.

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