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While I am not a cook, I have learned to make cornbread that is not available commercially, like I grew up on. White cornmeal is typical, but the results with yellow cornmeal should not differ. Many Cherokees omit salt, because it makes the cornbread crumbly, but feel free to add a pinch of salt to these recipes.

Nowadays, most folks call Johnnycakes Fried Cornbread. Add a pinch of sugar, and some call them cornmeal pancakes. Johnnycakes were something for the cabin, when you had time to enjoy them.


Boiling water


Baking powder

Add water to cornmeal and pinch of baking powder to make a batter. Let sit for 10 minutes. Fry in a cast-iron skillet with bacon grease/drippings. Fry until golden-brown.

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