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Judge Roy Bean AKA Phantly Roy Bean, Jr. (c. 1825 – March 16, 1903) A Texas saloon keeper and justice of the peace, he was dubbed the Hanging Judge. He only sentenced 2 men to hanging, and one of those escaped. He was born near Maysville, Kentucky—Mason County.

He was always controversial: he served briefly in the Confederate Army and deserted his wife and family. But he gave money to the poor and brought supplies to the local school. He never had a jail, so most of his sentences were for whatever money the lawbreakers had on them—but he pocketed all the money. Horse thieves were given not hanged but were allowed to go free if they returned the stolen horses.

He died in an alcoholic binge. Just the kind of person I want to write about. [pictured is his saloon, the Jersey Lilly Saloon.]

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