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Time is cruel

This is the site of an 80-acre farm that my grandfather, Lawrence Suddeth, moved to as a child about 1890. The cleared area is where the farm stood. This is near Marysville, Indiana, about 25 miles northeast of Louisville. As a child, Colonel Sanders (KFC) lived next door. His home is also gone. Only memories remain.

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I found this old photo of the Marysville, Indiana RR station. My grandfather, Lawrence Suddeth grew up on a farm near here. Colonel Harlan Sanders of KFC lived on the farm next door. I believe the main part of Marysville, on Hwy 3, lay to the viewer’s right. Grandpa’s farm lay farther to the right, on the other side of US 3. This about 7 miles north of Charlestown, Indiana.

Today the RR is long gone, the business section having moved to US 3. 5 years ago, a tornado destroyed Marysville. The business section is gone–the only thing left is a church, post office, ex-grade school/community center, and a few houses.

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