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Bookworm for Kids

Join me as I discuss my writing on Bookworm for Kids: Reviews for children books – from toddlers to teens and everything in between. Author Tonja Drecker’s award-winning book blog has 1,300 followers. I encourage you to follow her blog. Today, she interviews me and reviews Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, which will be released October 8.

Have fun reading her blog: https://bookwormforkids.blogspot.com/


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The other day, I taught a first-grade class.

Girl 1 holds up index finger: “My finger is hurt.”

Girl 2: “It’s just a hangnail.”

Girl 1: “Oh no! What can I do? I need to see the nurse!”

It took both me and girl 2 to convince her she wasn’t dying.

Kids this age tend to be drama addicts, but I think this one will become a hypochondriac.


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You gotta watch those full moons! Other kids too!  Halloween Kentucky Style (middle readers, Diversion Press, paperback)
Mike and Timmy try to scare Alice and Rosie. The trick’s on them when a younger neighbor and a homeless man team up to give them a real Halloween scare! It can be ordered from any bookstore or on-line retailer.KentuckyHalloween

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