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King Arthur’s Foes

Hengist and Horsa (Anglo-Saxon Stallion and Horse) are 2 semi-divine brothers said to have led the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain, landing in Kent about 450AD. We speak English, they must’ve won.

9EN-449-0-0-A1-2-B (1090037) ‘Hengist’s und Horsa’s Landung in England’ Angelsächsische Besiedlung Englands, 5. Jh.n.Chr. / Einladung Hengists und Horsas durch König Vortigern, 449 n.Chr. – ‘Hengist’s und Horsa’s Landung in England’. – Stahlstich, unbez.. Spätere Kolorierung. Aus: Bilder-Gallerie zur allgemeinen Weltgeschichte von Carl von Rotteck, Karlsruhe u. Freiburg (B.Herder) 1842. E: ‘Hengist and Horsa Reach England’ Anglo-Saxon settlers in Britain, 5th C. AD. / Hengist and Horsa are invited by King Vortigern, 449 AD. – ‘Hengist and Horsa reaching England’. – Steel engraving, unsigned, coloured later. From: Series of images depicting historical events by Carl von Rotteck, Karlsruhe and Freiburg (B.Herder) 1842.

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King Uther Pendragon

Youngest son of King Constantine III of Brittania. After the death of his father and his older brother, Aurelius Ambrosius, Uther becomes King of Cornwall. Beholding a dragon-shaped comet, he calls himself Uther Pendragon, Welsh Uthyr Bendragon. Uther marries Igraine who gives birth to King Arthur. The rest is legend and history.

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The real Avalon!

Avalon (Cornish Isle of Apples) was where the badly wounded King Arthur was taken. Avalon was called Glastonbury Tor by the Anglo-Saxons. Now a hill, it was once surrounded by marshes.


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Legend says Guinevere, Cornish Gwynnever, Modern Cornish Jennifer. It means white sorceress. Alas, no one has connected her to a real person. Mythologists connect her to the White Goddess. Perhaps, Cornwall can crown a new queen, Queen Jennifer. (King Arthur is supposed to resurrect when his people need him, why not Guinevere too?)

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Many of the ruins are newer, but the area has been occupied for at least 2000 years. It was once the seat of the King of Cornwall. It is the place where King Uther met Igraine and conceived King Arthur. Merlin’s cave lies below the castle. It is also linked with the love story of Tristan and Iseult. My 8th great grandmother, Marie Southwood Suddeth, comes from Exeter, just a few miles from Tintagel Castle—maybe I am related to King Arthur!

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Blydhen Nowydh Da–Happy New Year’s in Cornish. In honor of my Cornish 8th great grandmother Marie (Southwoode) Sudduth. Also in honor of King Arthur who was Cornish.







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