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My thrillers, Neanderthal Protocol, and Lies & Deceptions, take place in and near Louisville, so I’d like to show you why I had to choose it for my novels’ location.

  1. Why they call Louisville Derby City: Once in your life, visit the Kentucky Derby. Some people never watch the two-minute race: celebrities, wild & friendly crowds, women in elaborate Derby Hats, music, burgoo (fiery, three-meat stew), and mint juleps. Did I forget horses?
  2. Boats are sorta places: The Belle of Louisville celebrates its 100th birthday this year. The paddlewheel steamboat is the oldest in the country. Scenic and nostalgic. Did I forget romantic?
  3. Big, big water: The Ohio River is a mile wide, so my stories never ventured across to Hoosierville (aka Indiana). Stand on the banks and watch anything from sailboats to towboats perhaps a mile long.
  4. How about a sample? A few miles southwest is Fort Knox, where the U.S. stores gold. You can tour the Army base, but not the Gold Depository. I’m so sorry, but they don’t give out samples.
  5. Just a horse race? The Kentucky Derby Festival runs two full weeks of celebrating. And balloons, steamboats, rodents (you read correctly), human runners, and other things race for two weeks before the race. Did I forget the non-stop partying?
  6. Just some old rocks: The Falls of the Ohio River have been dammedoff at the Falls of the Ohio State Park to expose one of the largest Devonian fossil beds in the world. Lots of live blue herons and other waterfowl can also be viewed. Did I forget to mention it’s the perfect place for dam puns?
  7. Take me out to the ball game: Don’t be shocked, but Louisville Slugger is made in Louisville. At the Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum, you can get your Major League bat made & engraved with your name. My stories have violence, but no bats as weapons—too obvious for me.
  8. Do you dare? Reputed to be one of the most haunted places in the country, Waverly Hills Sanatorium was a TB hospital that closed in 1962, after thousands of people died. It has been featured on several TV programs. Do you have the courage to tour it? I don’t. Did I forget to tell you that I’m chicken?
  9. Under twenty-one? Skip to number Ten: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail covers much ofKentucky, but distilleries near Louisville or a few miles south in Bardstown hold tours and have gift shops. I included an abandoned distillery in Lies & Deceptions. Do I dare mention samples?
  10. The Pitter-patter of really heavy feet: You can’t ride racehorses, but you can ride carriages downtown. Drive a few miles east to Oldham County and Shelby County and visit their American Saddlebred, Thoroughbred, and Arabian horse farms. Not only can you tour, you can take riding lessons. Then maybe I’ll see you riding in the Kentucky Derby. Did I forget Churchill Downs? That’s where the Derby is.

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