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Now and then, New Cut Road (few miles south of Churchill Downs) now and about 1955. On the left, Iroquois Hill/Iroquois Park. On the right, behind the building is Kenwood Hill and Little Loomhouse, historical education center. Just past the building is Kenwood Drive. I have spent many a day in this area. 

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Louisville bears

This photo was taken a couple nights ago on Lagrange Road, Anchorage, Kentucky. This is suburban Louisville, near Tom Sawyer State Park, and a mile from me. Bears, come to Papa.

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Armadillos entered Kentucky about 40 years ago, entering from the west, but they are in the Louisville area. They are nocturnal and eat mostly bugs, they are not a threat. They have also crossed the Ohio River but are considered an exotic species in Indiana. I would love to see them, but I am not out and about when they are. Anyone with an armadillo photo they took is welcome to post them.

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Lazy Sundown

Ohio River looking downriver, a few miles upriver from Louisville. Indiana right, on the left downtown Louisville visible. Eric Suddeth photo November 7, 2022.

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Clang clang

Louisville streetcar (trolley) system had its last day on Derby Day 1948. It also ran a few cars to Indiana. Does anyone have knowledge of the Indiana extensions?

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Hail the God of Healing!

September is Bourbon Heritage Month. I salute Kentucky Bourbon! Borvo was a Celtic god of healing springs. The name comes from an ancient root berw- meaning brew, boil. One temple was at Bourbonne-les-Bains, Gaul, now France hence the modern Kentucky name. Coincidence, I suppose, but who knows? [alcohol-free Bourbon now available]

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Doctors can’t be wrong

Miller’s Restaurant (Later Miller’s Cafeteria) operated 1898 to 1998. My Dad ate there in the 90s when he worked nearby, he loved their food. It started out as an 1830 mansion, Howard Hardy House, becoming a boarding house for the University of Louisville Medical School.

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Kentucky treasure

Bernheim Forest is a 16,000 acre private forest/park open to the public. it is about 30 miles south of Louisville. This is the Overlook, near the fire tower, at the highest point in the park. Long way down.

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In the giant’s lair

Charles Suddeth has the audacity to nose around a pregnant giant’s home while she sleeps.

Bernheim Forest Giants 081322 Thomas Suddeth photos.

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Kingfish opened its first restaurant Derby Day 1948 on the Ohio River, 4th Street, Louisville, just a cement block building, carryout. My family would go in their boats—we would order Fish Boxes for 2 (fish, fries, hushpuppies, bread) and eat in our boats.

Later, Kingfish built regular restaurants. Currently, they have one on the river in Louisville and across the river in Jeffersonville, Indiana. They have the world’s best hushpuppies. I have gone there and ordered coffee and hushpuppies for a meal. By car, our family boats are a thing of the past.

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