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The North Pole has slid south.

To Louisville Kentucky, to be exact.

Polar bears waltz in Lagrange Road,

Why did I forget my camera again?

Walruses wade in Goose Creek,

So fat they flood Tom Sawyer park.

Seals come to my door begging for sardines,

I seldom fish except for shady summertime.

Neighbors are building igloos everywhere,

Not sure if they have cable or power.

I traded my car for a team of sled dogs,

But they’re mucking up my house.

Now I need a dogsled and harness,

One that isn’t high mileage or pricey.

Caribou are eating my trees and lawn,

They better stay out of my house.

And I don’t even like winter!

[Editor’s note: Mr. Suddeth chilled and drank too much coffee]

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