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November—National Native American Heritage Month

The Lumbee tribe is headquartered in Robeson County North Carolina. It is a confederacy formed around the Cheraw Tribe. They are the biggest tribe east of the Mississippi. (My g-g-g-grandfather, John Pate, came from Lumbee territory) https://www.lumbeetribe.com/

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1872 Mystery

Lowry War: After his father was murdered in 1864, Henry Berry Lowry organized a gang that robbed and terrorized wealthy whites, first Confederate home guard, later Union troops in Robeson County North Carolina. His gang was a mix of Lumbee Indians, blacks, and whites. After a lucrative 1872 raid, he vanished, but by then most of his gang was dead. He likely hid in nearby swamps. His legend has become summer theater, Strike at the Wind.

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Eatin’ Good

Lumbee chicken n’ pastry (chicken n’ paster)

The Lumbee Indians are a huge tribe in southeastern North Carolina. This is their signature dish. It’s similar to what I call chicken n’ dumplings. I was unable to find a recipe, but online cooking videos are available. [my triple-great-grandfather, John Pate, came from Lumbee territory]

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