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Spelunker’s paradise

Styx River, Mammoth Cave National Park. The river was dried up, but 70 miles away in Louisville we are getting flash floods. Photo by my talented grandson, Ethan Suddeth. Saturday October 9, 2021. Great hiking and camping there. Caves, too.

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Mammoth Cave National Park: Early Sunday morning, 2 campers were awakened by gunshots. 2 armed men had fired at a Bigfoot sneaking up on the campers. Below ground, the park is a spelunker’s paradise, but above ground it is a backpacker’s paradise. This is but the latest of numerous Bigfoot sightings at the park. Be not afraid, Bigfoot are probably harmless. Probably is the keyword.

Now, I understand what Bigfoot are. They are Cavemen. Literally. They hide by day and come out at night. Kentucky is full of caves. Sauerkraut Cave is a half-mile from house. Sleep well. If you hear high-pitched screams, make sure your night lock is on.

The Bigfoot photo is from the park.


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