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Star gazing from Mars

Color image self-explanatory. Jupiter as seen from Mars.

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February 18, 2021, NASA’s Perseverance Rover landed in Mars’s Jezero Crater.  Weather high 18, low -101 F for 022021. The area contains clay and is thought to have once been a lake (jezero is Slavic for lake).

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My Martian Overlords are warning everyone. Those who remove a Monolith will be hauled to a Martian penal colony. Martian prisons are not for fainty dainty types.

[Editor’s note: who gave Mr. Suddeth an extra cup of coffee?]

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Using an interception app and a translation app, I intercepted this message:

Attention fleet!

The USA captured one of our pilots. He is in Area 51—you have permission to attack Earth.

Mars Central

[Editor’s note: Who snuck Bourbon into Mr. Suddeth’s coffee?]

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Get your tickets to Mars!

I wish. Mars Curiosity Rover Says Farewell to Murray Buttes—Mount Sharp, Mars. And a panoramic view from Curiosity Rover.

This view from the Mast Camera (Mastcam) in NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover shows an outcrop with finely layered rocks within the ‘Murray Buttes’ region on lower Mount Sharp.

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Guy with a bow and arrow


Cupid is from the Latin word for “desire.” He is the son of Venus and Mars (Eros in Greek). His depictions show him anywhere from a chubby child with a bow to an erotic young man with a bow—Valentine’s Day can be anywhere from pure love to carnal love.


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We have discovered Martians

Warning: Martians are living with us. 3 billion years ago, Earth was too wet for life and lacked Oxygen. Mars had oxygen and dry land. Current theory suggests that life originated on Mars. An asteroid struck Mars and debris containing Martian bacteria landed on Earth. We are Martians! (the cartoon is in jest)

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Blogging From Mars

Today I am with sci fi and fantasy author Damien Larkin from Dublin, Ireland. His blog: Mars Occupation Force – Press Office: He often features writer interviews. Today I am discussing The Choctaw, the Cherokee’s friends and neighbors. Please join us, maybe even learn a thing or two and have some fun. (I also discuss Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, which will be released October 8)


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News from Mars. (Mars News Bureau?)

Today’s weather: -18 F—the high! -110 F—the low!

Mars mystery: Protonilus Mensae: Photo of Brain Drain, thought to be ice sublimating—turning to a vapor.

Amazonis Planitia: the photo with craters. Ancient lava flows.


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Life on Mars Shocker!

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has recently detected high levels of methane gas! (telescopes have also detected methane) The main component of swamp gas is methane, which is produced by decaying living matter. (methane can be produced by inorganic means, too)

Join the Mars watch! We will not let Martians take us by surprise!

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