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Today, Mars is perilously close to Earth (a scant 34 million miles away). 2018 is a close year for Mars. It hasn’t been this close in 60,000 years & won’t be this close again for 269 years. This is an excellent time for a Martian invasion.

Be on the lookout for red flying saucers & little green men with antennae & bug eyes. (Women, too, but they all look the same to me) Do not PANIC. Just run for your life.

I am sending this from my underground bunker at an undisclosed location.


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The European Space Agency’s Mars Express used radar to locate liquid water below the ice of the Southern Polar Ice Cap. About 12 miles across, the lake is probably a brine of sodium, magnesium, and calcium. Be sure to wear warm clothes and take along a little oxygen.

Meet you there!

Wait a minute—Antarctica has similar lakes with microbial life present! We may soon find life on Mars!

Hey, I think I see a Martian. Will he let me write about him?


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Organic molecules were found on Mars! Methane gas was discovered by Curiosity Rover. It also drilled ancient rocks & found thiophenes, benzene, toluene, and small carbon chains, such as propane or butane. This is not proof of life, but it suggests the possibility of life now & or long ago.

(okay, my warning was premature, but better safe than sorry)

I have written about Mars, and I just mat do it again!

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I have a short story on this website, “Only a Dream.” It is about a lonely person living in a cold, dry world, which reminds me of my own plight. I have cabin fever from being snowed in. My world is lonely and cold, but wet instead of dry. Go to Pages then Bonus Stories.


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