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I saw this on Facebook and HBO, so I checked. It is a genuine horror story.

May 31 and June1, 1921 white mobs attacked the black Greenwood district of Tulsa. The KKK flew private lanes over the area and dropped turpentine bombs. The area was destroyed, possibly 300 dead, mostly blacks. 600 whites went to hospitals, but the 2 black hospitals burned to the ground. 6,000 blacks were arrested—why just blacks? This is a horrible national stain.

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Diamond Island is a 2-square mile island about 10 miles downriver from Henderson Kentucky. It was base of operations for Samuel Mason, River Pirate Captain (former Militia Captain and judge). The Harpe Brothers, 1790’s serial killers, often stayed at his base.

In 1803, it was the site of the Diamond Island Massacre. Ten supposed Native Americans hiding in a canebrake attacked a flatboat, killing the mother and father. 3 children were kidnapped and never seen again. The eldest son, James Barnard, was the only survivor

Desoto may have visited it when he crossed the Ohio River. Nowadays it is farmland.

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Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee

The Wounded Knee Massacre occurred on December 29, 1890 near Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The 7th Cavalry captured 2 bands of Lakota Sioux. While disarming the warriors, an argument broke out. The soldiers opened fire, including 4 Hotchkiss mountain guns (small howitzer cannons) A few warriors fought back, but most of them were unarmed.

Many of the wounded Lakota froze to death, because the army ignored the wounded. Possibly 50 women children and survived. A few warriors escaped and fought back. Up to 300 Lakota died, possibly half of them children. 31 soldiers also died.

It is widely believed that the 7th Cavalry opened fire as revenge for Custer’s Massacre 14 years earlier. Remembrance of this ruins my Christmas holidays.


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Wounded Knee Massacre: December 29, 1890. Over 200 Lakota Sioux men, women, & children killed by the US 7th Cavalry in South Dakota. Probably the worst massacre in US history until 911.

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