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Mayan Hot Cocoa

Cold weather has hit Louisville: 3 cups boiling water with 2 cinnamon sticks. Remove sticks. Lower heat—add, vanilla bean, 8 OZ bittersweet chocolate, 2 TBS raw honey. Remove bean. Take off heat, whisk. Garnish with pinch dried red chili pepper. (add milk if this is too rich)

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Maya Day of the Dead (Mayan Halloween)

In the Yucatan peninsula, both homes and businesses feature Hanal Pixan altars. Not be missed is the Paseo de Animas (Parade of Souls). The list of foods for Hanal Pixan is long, but the favorite is mucbil pollos, huge chicken tamales.

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Pok-ta-pok AKA Pitz (modern version is ulama) is a 4,000-year-old Mayan ballgame played with a hard rubber ball on a stone court (signifying Xibalba, Mayan underworld) that was larger than a football field. No hands were allowed. This is a game for real men.



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