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Never Forget

Weep No More


Charles Suddeth


I weep for the countless fallen,

For those who will never rise again,

For those whose pain is beyond my knowing,

For those crippled and wounded.


I weep for their families and friends,

For all those empty chairs and years,

For all the songs never to be sung,

For all the loved ones never to be kissed.


I weep for all those with aching hearts,

Whose grief will never be assuaged,

Whose sorrow will never be diminished,

Whose love will live forever.

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Memorial Day 2016

I will not wish you a happy Memorial Day, but I will wish you a memorable one. For I do remember:

A great- great, great Uncle, William Sudduth, died at Raisin River, War of 1812.

My great-great grandfather, Lucilious Pate, came home in 1865 to find his wife and family gone, his younger brother, Wesley had drowned when an army steamboat caught fire, and another brother, James, had died in battle.

My great grandfather, Thomas Gillenwaters, came home in 1865 to find his father dead, his family starving, and a brother whose name I cannot recall had died in battle.

My great-great grandparents, William and Mary Greenfield, were murdered in 1863 by guerillas near Brandenburg, Kentucky.

My great-great grandfather, Samuel Anderson, made it home in 1865, but his health and lungs were ruined.

My grandmother’s cousin, Beanie (Bennie) Short died in 1865, a Confederate, but I do not judge him.

Clarence Dean woke up in 1945 in a battlefield morgue. He died in his 90’s, but would never talk about it.

James Fugit had his legs crushed in 1945. Doctors told him he would never walk again, but 6 months later, he walked out of a military hospital and lived another 60 years.

I have gone to school or worked with countless people, some of whom likely died in Vietnam or the Middle East, and they should not be forgotten even though I have lost track of them.

To all of the above and countless others who gave their lives, I salute you.

Charles Suddeth


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I would like to pay my respects to the wounded and dead of all wars. Also on this day, I would to pay my respects to the civilian casualties of wars. 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the 1863 deaths of my great-great-grandparents, William Andrew Greenfield and Mary Mann Greenfield. They were murdered by Civil War militia near Brandenburg, Kentucky. Rest in Peace.

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