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We Dare Not Forget

Memorial Weekend 2018

I wish you for you and sacred and holy Memorial Day and Weekend. For I do remember those who gave all:

A great-great-great Uncle, William Sudduth, died at the Battle of Raisin River, War of 1812.

My great-great grandfather, Lucilious Pate, came home in1865 to find his wife & family gone, his younger brother, Wesley, had drowned when an army steamboat caught fire, & another brother, James, had died in battle.

My great-grandfather, Thomas Gillenwaters, came home in 1865 from the Union Army, his father dead, his family starving, & a brother whose name I cannot recall had died in battle.

My great-great grandparents, William & Mary Greenfield, were murdered in 1863 by guerillas near Brandenburg, Kentucky.

My great-great grandfather, Samuel Anderson, made it home it 1865 from the Union Army, but his health & lungs were ruined.

My grandmother’s cousin, Beanie (Bennie) Short died in 1865, a Confederate soldier, but I do not judge him or his death.

My great-uncle Sam Short, was a Doughboy in France, and returned, but he had little to say.

My grandfather Orval Pait was also a Doughboy, served at Camp Taylor, Louisville.

Clarence Dean woke up in 1945 in a European battlefield morgue. He died in his 90’s, but would never talk about it.

James Fugit, who fought with Patton, had his legs crushed in1945. Doctors told him he would never walk, but 6 months later, he walked out of a military hospital & lived another 60 years.


I have gone to school or worked with countless people, some of whom likely died in Vietnam or the Middle East, & they should not be forgotten even though I have lost track of them.

To all of the above & countless others who gave their lives, I salute you with all of my heart.

Charles Suddeth

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Green River Writers 2012 Writing Contest

There are 17 categories, but this is the only children’s category. You do not have to be a member or live in Louisville. The deadline is August 31, 2012. No publication. The entry fee is $3. Details at greenriverwriters.org

#4 Suzanne Suddeth Memorial Prize—Prose or Poetry
Prose (double-spaced) or poetry (rhymed or free-verse) written for children 12 years old and younger, 500 words or less.
Prizes – 1st: $30, 2nd: $20, 3rd: $10
Sponsor: Chuck Suddeth

I am a member of Midsouth SCBWI and Green River Writers. I have donated the prize money. Chuck Suddeth: csuddeth@iglou.com

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