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Merlin had a lover!

Merlin fell in love with Nimueh AKA Lady of the Lake AKA Rhiannon, Welsh goddess queen. She is associated with Excalibur, but the stories never end well. Poor Merlin.

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Merlin’s favorite meal

He loved Cornish Rarebit, similar to Welsh Rarebit. Once called Cornish rabbit, but no bunnies were harmed. A sauce consisting of Cornish beer and Yarg cheese is combined with eggs, flour, tomatoes, butter, and spices is poured over sourdough toast. Save some for Merlin or you may be turned into a hare.

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Merlin Prophecies

In the 5th century AD Ambrose Aurelian (Welsh Emrys Wledig) won a battle against the English. When next he appears, he is Merlin (name meaning Sea Fortress), Wizard/Druid to King Uther and King Arthur. Later he wrote the Merlin Prophecies. Alas the original Welsh and Cornish texts have vanished, leaving us with fewer facts than we would like. (Merlin’s cave beneath Tintagel Castle in Cornwall)

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