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Conspiracy buffs claim that Minoans sailed from the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea to the New World about 3,000 years ago. They even got as far as Kentucky and Tennessee. Interesting, but there were bunches of Indians around, my ancestors some of them. The artifacts are a little hard to prove, but I would be more impressed if the writing could be translated. (the Minoans’ language remains a mystery) Others have found a statistical similarity between the mitochondrial DNA (maternal DNA) between ancient Minoans and certain Indian tribes, especially the Cherokee. Let’s wait and see, but there are other reasons for the DNA.

One photo is of a supposed Minoan artifact from Drake Mound, Fayette County, Kentucky. The other photo is possible Minoan writing on the Bat Creek Stone, Loudon County, Tennessee. Judge for yourself—I remain the skeptic. (But I might have fun writing about it)

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