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Around 1916, my great-uncle Walter Short (according to my dad) was in Burkesville Kentucky standing on a street corner holding a brown paper grocery bag. A sheriff’s deputy came by and asked Walter to procure some moonshine—he wanted to trap/arrest Walter for selling moonshine. He gave Walter some money.

Walter said, “Hold this bag. I’ll be right back.”

The deputy took the bag as Walter vanished with the cash. The sheriff came by and the deputy told him what was going on.

“Fool, look in the bag,” said the sheriff. Walter’s bag held a bottle of moonshine, but Walter was long gone. Walter was never arrested.

National Moonshine Day, Part Two

Around 1916, my great-uncle Walter Short was crossing the Cumberland River in a rowboat loaded with moonshine. He was going to sell his moonshine in Burkesville, Kentucky. Some sheriff’s deputies were hiding on a wharfed steamboat so they could arrest him.

My grandma, Ova Short (she later married my grandpa, Lawrence Suddeth), ran onto the wharf and waved her arms. “Go back, Walter!” she screamed.

Walter turned around and took his moonshine elsewhere. They never caught him.

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