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Yuchi: gAzah@ O aga fa Mother’s Day

Shawnee: Nikia my mother

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My mother, Mary Katherine Pait Suddeth, left for the Summer Lands in 2011.

June in Triplicate

Charles Suddeth


Dad hated the daytime,

He always drove in the night,

Through dark Hoosier towns,

Mom asleep in the backseat.

Dad said the diners stank,

We passed them all by,

I fiddled with the radio,

Listened to “Ramblin’ Rose.”


Dad still drove through the night,

Mom still asleep in the backseat.

At a New York truck stop,

We choked down stale coffee.

Mom decided to stretch her legs.

We drove off in the dark,

She still stood in the parking lot,

Trembling hands on hips,

I found a radio station,

They played “Ramblin’ Rose.”


Dad chose to leave us,

Left me to drive all alone

Through life’s dark nights,

Mom never forgot New York.

She finally joined Dad,

Somewhere on a radio,

“Ramblin’ Rose” is playing.

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I want to wish mothers everywhere a really Happy Mother’s Day. This includes stepmothers, foster mothers, and so on.

My mother, Mary Katherine Pait Suddeth left for the Summer Lands in 2011.

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Happy Mother’s Day to my great-grandmothers:

Triple great grandmother Nancy Moore Suddeth—born in Ireland

Gaelic: Gra mor, Mathair, Lot’s of love, mother


Great-great grandmother Florence Pennington Suddeth was Cherokee:

Cherokee: ᎡᏥ ᎬᎨᏳ etsi, gvgeyu. (ay-tsee gun-gay-YOU) mother, I love you.


My great-great grandmother, Mary Mann Greenfield, was Shawnee.

Shawnee:  EKETIQELEMELE NEKIYI Nee-kee-tah-kway-lay-may-lay nee-kya) I love you, my mother


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I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother, Mary Katherine Pait Suddeth, is no longer on this plane, but I certainly wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.


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I would like to wish all mothers a joyous, loving Mother’s Day. My mother and my wife are gone—it will be a day of reflection for me. My mother is on the end of this photo. Love to all Mothers.

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