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Children of the Sun

The Yuchi Tribe call themselves Tsoyaha, Children of the Sun (mound builders). Yuchi means principle people. Today they live in several locations. Around 1700, they lived in north central Tennessee/southern Kentucky. My grandmother, Ova Short Suddeth, was born near the site of an 1820 village in Turkey Neck Bend, Kentucky, presumably Yuchi, her ancestors.

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Hoga Tribe

This ancient mound builder tribe lived in Illinois and Kentucky, in the area around where the Tennessee River empties into the Ohio River. Cahokia mounds and Angel Mounds may have been settled by them. Around 1650, a combination of climate, plagues, and war forced them to move across the Mississippi River into the Great Plains. They became the Dhegiha and split into 5 tribes: Omaha, Kaw/Kansa, Quapaw, Osage, Ponca.

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