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Set (Seth): ancient Egyptian underworld God famous for slaying his brother Osiris. Originally God of the desert, Set was charged with keeping back the Chaos dragon. In later years he was equated more with Satan, the devil, and with being a trickster. Set’s totem animal remains a mystery—greyhound (desert hunters) or donkey (trickster).

Satan, Hebrew Deceiver. Certainly, a trickster and underworld figure. Neither do I wish to meet in person.

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Sacred beings

North American Dragons

Great Serpent Mound is 3 feet high, 1348 feet long in Peebles, Ohio, Recent evidence points to an origin 2,000 years ago, Adena culture. Some believe it is about 1000 years old, part of the Fort Ancient culture (Ofo tribe, possibly Shawnee). It is in the shape of a serpent swallowing an egg or the earth. The serpent’s mouth faces west, some believe it is swallowing the earth, causing night.

Magic serpent/dragons are common in North American Indian culture

Uktena – Cherokee

Konsánonwi – Yuchi

Quetzal-coatl – Aztec

Kulcan – Maya

Psi-kinepikwa maneto – Shawnee (horned snake spirit)

[these names all have a K sound and an N or L]

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You have been warned. August 23 is the Roman Vulcanalia, dedicated to the Roman God of Fire. It is also the date in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius began erupting and destroyed Pompei and Herculaneum. Coincidence or did Vulcan take them as offerings? As for me, I am celebrating Vulcanalia today, offering Bourbon to Vulcan. Party on, or else.

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Hail Epona!

Epona “Great Mare” was a Gaulic/British horse goddess. March 18 was the day set aside to dedicate altars in small temples. (the one pictured is from the Roman empire)

All hail Epona!

All hail the great Queen Epona!

All hail Epona of the Stable!

All hail Epona of the Horses!

All hail Epona, Queen of the horse rides!

All hail Epona, Queen of journeys!

All hail tEpona, Queen of the Summerlands!

All hail Epona, Queen of the Hidden Lands!

All hail Epona, Queen of Singing Birds! All hail Epona, Great Mother!

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Epona is a British/Gaulish goddess popular with Roman soldiers. She is Queen of Horses, Fertilty, and leads souls to the afterlife. For some, she is a horse. Is her human or horse form the real Epona? Irish Macha, Welsh Rhiannon. This temple would’ve been seen in villages or near Roman outposts.

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Man in the Moon

Monday is moon-day, named after Anglo-Saxon moon god, Mone (Norse Mani)—the Man in the Moon. His sister is Sunna, the sun goddess. Wolves pursue him and his chariot across the night sky.

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Friday is the only day named after a goddess. Freya (Lady) AKA Frigg (Free/Loved) was Odin’s wife and goddess of love, fertility, war, and divination. Easy to recognize, she drives a cat-driven chariot and is accompanied by her boar, Hildisvini (battle swine).

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Whisper his name!

Cernunnos, Horned One, is a Gaelic God, often equated to Dis Pater or Pan. Others connect him to Pluto, Underworld god, leading to associations with Satan. Nowadays many think of him as the Green Man, a benevolent God. He takes a fine picture.

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Wronged Lady

Hel AKA Holle, Huldra was once known as Queen Hel, an earth goddess or fertility goddess also presiding over a pagan underworld. She rode a 3-legged horse named Helhest AKA Hel-horse to gather souls. Nowadays Hell is a burning pit, and few recall Hel the Goddess.

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