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Don’t Look!

Black Holes devouring stars. These 2 computer-generated images are from NASA.

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News from Mars. (Mars News Bureau?)

Today’s weather: -18 F—the high! -110 F—the low!

Mars mystery: Protonilus Mensae: Photo of Brain Drain, thought to be ice sublimating—turning to a vapor.

Amazonis Planitia: the photo with craters. Ancient lava flows.


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NASA’s TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) has discovered 3 planets orbiting TOI 270, a brown dwarf star 73 light years away. It is relatively close to us. The 3 planets: TOI 270b, TOI 270c, and TOI 270d. They are all a little bigger than Earth but orbiting closely to their star. TOI 270d, the farthest of the 3 from their star, may be cool enough to harbor life.

Write about it? You bet.


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