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Indigenous Peoples’ Day

(Native American Day) is Monday, October 12. I salute them all.

Here is what I have read (dates subject to differing opinions):  

1st migration: 20 to 30 thousand years ago/ya (maximum glaciation around 25,000 ya). Pre-Amerindian. A group related to the Ainu and the peoples of Australia and New Guinea. Still groups in Brazil and Argentina.

2nd migration: 13,000 ya. Amerindian. New World people called Native Americans, except for the other migrations listed here. Biggest migration.

3rd migration: 4,000 ya. Dine/Athapascan. Indians of Alaska, northwest Canada, and the Apache/Navajo.

4th migration: 1000 ya. Eskimo (Canada calls this Inuit). This includes the Inuit and the Yupik.

Please note: The native Hawaiians are Indigenous People (settled about 300 AD) who are of Polynesian ancestry—some researchers believe Polynesians settled parts of the west coast of both Americas.

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