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Supernatural steed

Sleipnir, Slipper, was Odin’s (Woden’s) eight-legged stallion. He was born of Loki (he turned himself into a mare). He was capable of riding into Hell, flying, and swimming.

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Over the hump day?

Today is Wednesday, named after the Anglo-Saxon god, Woden (Norse Odin). The name comes from Wodanaz—Lord of Rage—leader of the Wild Hunt (gathering of souls). He is the head god and has many roles, from healing to death. Have a great Wednesday—tell Wodan I sent you. Or not.

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Wild Hunt

Ancient England, Woden (Odin in Norse mythology) was king of the Osar, gods. Storms were said to be Woden riding through the sky collecting souls. In times of plagues, he’d ride with a Mighty Host of gods through the countryside/sky collecting souls. Mortals who dared look upon the Mighty Host were struck blind. With 1000s dying, is not the Wild Hunt let loose again upon the countryside?

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Yule is tonight!

AKA Winter Solstice, Midwinter, or just Longest Night of the Year. Celebrate with Yule Logs or a fiery punch. In elder times, it was associated with Woden (Odin) and the Wild Hunt. Peace to you.

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