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Ex-wife Blues

Charles Suddeth

I got, I got, I got the low-down ex-wife blues,

She kept everything, even my honkytonk shoes.

She took my wheels, my threads, even my home,

I got nothing to my name, all I do is roam.

She gave me lots of lip, sent me straight to hell,

I hit the bottle, felt like jumping down the well.

She went to church, she was on a roll,

Talked to the preacher, even took my soul.

She punched me once, twice, or more,

When she was through, I sure was sore.

She swung and got me with a frying pan,

Said she was sending me to the promised land.

She liked her liquor, she liked her booze,

Now you know why I got the low-down ex-wife blues.

(Country song parody—I don’t have an ex even close to this)

[Editor’s note: Mr. Suddeth hit the coffee too hard today]

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Headley Hill

(apologies to Washington’s troops)


Here I sit right on Headley Hill

Who can blame me, she’s with me still.

I shed my tears and drank my fill,

Janie has fled away down south.


Oh lord, you know I loved her well,

She took my heart, but time will tell,

Love may heal like a ring in a bell,

Janie has fled away down south.


I pawned my watch, I pawned my gold,

Everything I did own has been sold,

I could buy her love I’ve been told,

Janie has fled away down south.


Headley Hill is a secret place far away and long ago.


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