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These are my ten favorite foods, ones I deem essential to a writer. Not necessarily in this order, but you can’t write without food!

  1. Peanut butter: I live alone so this is my favorite food. Deadline? Eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and keep on trucking. Don’t feel sorry for me. It never gets boring—I switch jellies and breads and brands of peanut butter. I call it the writer’s best friend. I even snuck a reference of peanut butter into Experiment 38, my young adult thriller coming out this year.
  2. Chili: I am widowed, but I used to fix chili for my wife and stepson. Chili is like writing. I never write the same way, and I never fix chili the same way. I’ve used pork sausage, buffalo, Italian sausage, and any spice you can imagine, even cinnamon. My stepson didn’t like my cooking, but he loved my chili.
  3. Chocolate: I feel sorry for the Europeans before Columbus. They didn’t have chocolate. Like a lot of writers, I save it for a reward. After I finish a manuscript, or I sign a publishing contract. Or maybe when I finish this blog. Sounds like a good excuse.
  4. Coffee: Why wasn’t this first? What writer doesn’t drink too much coffee? I love to print out a chapter and edit it a coffee shop. And coffee shops often sneak into my stories.
  5. Ice cream: I really love ice cream, so I seldom keep it at home. What’s this thing, self-control, I keep hearing about?
  6. Pumpkin: Pie, bread, as a vegetable, pumpkin butter with my peanut butter, almost any way. We all have our kinky, personal likes that defy explanation, and I have no explanation.
  7. Cornbread: Both of my grandmothers were from southern Kentucky, so I grew up on this. Eating warm cornbread fresh from the skillet takes me back to childhood. All of my stories take place in the south, and cornbread shouts, South!
  8. Cheese: See ice cream to understand why I avoid it. I have a cat who loves it. If I do bring it home, she climbs on me and demands her share. (and gets more than her share)
  9. Pizza: I’m sure no one is shocked by this. I don’t think I ever met anyone who doesn’t like it. And it weaseled its way into Neanderthal Protocol.

Fried green tomatoes: I know; this shouts SOUTH more than anything else. When I was a kid, my grandma offered me a meal of fried green tomatoes and fried squirrel. I wouldn’t get near the tomatoes, but I ate the squirrel. Hey, I was just a kid. It tasted like tough chicken. Years later, my wife fixed fried green tomatoes and got me hooked on it.

I like to sneak food into all my stories, but my editors cut most of it. Stick to the story, they always tell me. Don’t tell them! I sneak some back in, people gotta eat!


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Today (December 4th) is National Cookie Day.  I celebrate this day daily: chocolate chip oatmeal,  peanut butter, and so on, I never met a cookie I didn’t love.

I have a bonus short story on this website, “World Traveler.” Read it and you will understand its connection to National Cookie Day. Not responsible for what the story does to your mind, I have a strange sense of humor.Feb_27_001

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