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Pure gold, I tell you

Looking at a pure golden sunset downriver on the Ohio. Indiana on the right, Kentucky on the left. If you look closely, you can glimpse downtown Louisville’s buildings. Eric Suddeth photo 012922.

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Finding gold

Heading into a golden sundown. Utica Pike, going toward Jeffersonville, Indiana–leaving Utica, Indiana. Eric Suddeth photo 010922. The Ohio River is to the left, just out of sight.

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Time passes

Photo of my grandmother, Mary Gillenwaters Pait, about 1921, standing in front of Kehoe’s Market, Jeffersonville, Indiana. She was expecting her first child. The building and house next door are amazingly still there. My great-grandmother, Louisa Ward Gillenwaters, lived in the house.

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Sunrise on the Ohio

Wednesday, September 14, 2021: Sunrise on the Ohio River, Utica, Indiana–a few miles upriver from Louisville. The clouds are up to mischief! Eric Suddeth photo 091421

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Taken from Miss Ida, Ohio River towboat at Six Mile Island, 6 miles upriver from Louisville, on Saturday evening. Eric Suddeth photos 041721

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Morning Delusions

Wednesday morn Eric Suddeth photos: 1: on Ohio River near Louisville—the flag is not under water. 2: nearest is Lincoln Bridge, I-65 N. Kennedy Bridge, I-65 S. 3: in locks at the Portland Canal, K&I Bridge. 031021

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This is Bob Hedge Park, Jeffersonville Indiana. I love the way snow has coated all the branches. This park is dedicated for handicapped children. Eric Suddeth photo 010821

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Bridges, bridges

Photo of boat going upriver. On the right, Louisville’s Waterfront Park. I believe the boat has just gone under the Kennedy Bridge (I65 S) the other bridge is the Clark Memorial Bridge. Eric Suddeth photo. 010421

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Winter Sunset

Splendid sunset. Bob Hedge Park, Jeffersonville, Indiana. 122720. Eric Suddeth photo.

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Chilly dawn

Tuesday, December 15 2020 – Chilly dawn on the Ohio, upriver from Louisville. Eric Suddeth photo.

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