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Blame my clone

Big Bangs by the Dozen

Charles Suddeth

There are millions of universes,

Maybe even multiverses,

So many places and earths,

The same or each one unique?

Who the devil knows?

Time flows forward,

Or it runs backward,

Or it slides up and down,

Or it snakes back and forth.

Time never tells its secrets.

So many possible dimensions,

In and out, back and forth,

High and low, left and right,

Mirror images and optical isomers.

Things inhabiting my dreams.

So there’s a multitude of me’s,

In more places than I can count,

In more times than can track,

In more ways than I can ponder.

But they’re me, somehow, someway.

I didn’t do it, not me.

Maybe some other me,

Another time and place,

Now let me out of prison!

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