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My best board yet!

I started a new Pinterest board: The Photography of Eric Suddeth. He is my youngest son and a super photographer. I will be adding his photos from time to time. I am trying to get him interested in photography contests—if anyone knows of any, especially local ones, feel free to contact me.


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I have about 30 Pinterest boards, all of them devoted to writing or subjects that inspire my writing. (I never grew up, so some are about steam engines & horses & mules) I also have boards for all of my books, including the one pictured. Come join me: http://www.pinterest.com/chucksuddeth/

Eights Mask2

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Experiment 38 has its own Pinterest board:


Experiment 38: YA thriller, 4RV Publishing. Eighteen-year-old Emily, small for her age, lives alone with her scientist-father and learns too late that he holds a terrible secret, one that might destroy her life.
As she and her boyfriend, Nate, try to unravel the mystery behind her father’s secret, they face danger and uncertainty.


YA thriller, publication TBA

YA thriller, publication TBA

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Halloween Kentucky Style (middle readers, Diversion Press, paperback)
Mike and Timmy try to scare Alice and Rosie. The trick’s on them when a younger neighbor and a homeless man team up to give them a real Halloween scare!


ISBN:  978-1-935290-16-2

On Halloween Kentucky Style’s Pinterest page, you can get an idea about where in Kentucky the story takes place: http://astore.amazon.com/wwwdiversionp-20/detail/1935290169


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Eighth Mask, June 12, 2015 Library Tales Publishing

My adult mystery, Eighth Mask, will be released Friday June 12 by Library Tales Publishing, book signing at the B&N Hurstbourne Lane, Louisville, Kentucky that weekend (I don’t know the time yet).

I have a Pinterest page devoted to Eighth Mask:


Deputy Sheriff Charlie Yuchalla and Alcy investigate the deaths of two Cherokee Booger Dancers. When Charlie is accused of murder, he discovers that someone in the traditional Cherokee community has targeted him. Can they find the killer before the Sheriff charges Charlie with murder?

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I have a Pinterest page for my books and for writing resources and events. Come by and visit. You can pin, follow a board, like, or just enjoy. You do not have to be a member of Pinterest to visit my boards or pins. You can find my page at Chuck Suddeth. Or you you can click on Pinterest under Links on this page.


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I have a Pinterest page just for my writing, with several boards exclusively dealing with books, poems, and short stories. You can explore my pages without following me, but you are welcome to follow me and/or pin and/0r like a picture. My Pinterest page is under Chuck Suddeth. You may also click Pinterest under Links.

Experiment 38


Experiment 38 (young adult thriller, 4RV Publishing, paperback) Release date TBA

Eighteen-year-old Emily lives with her scientist father and knows nothing about her mother. When Emily begins dating Nate, two strange men in a Lincoln Navigator follow them everywhere. After Nate discovers her mother’s identity, the two men kidnap Emily, but her father doesn’t try to save her. Nate’s rescue fails, so she tries to escape on her own.

Her father holds a deadly secret about her past. Are the two men working for her father? Will Nate give up trying to rescue her? Why do the two men want her? Can she escape and ever have a normal life?

YA thriller, publication TBA

YA thriller, publication TBA

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