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Move over Pluto!

In 2005 a new dwarf planet was discovered. Eris has more mass than Pluto but is 3 times farther from the sun. Eris has a moon, Dysnomia. Eris orbits the sun every 559 years. Cold and lonely world.

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Something else to worry about?

Astronomers believe that a subsurface ocean exists under the Sputnik Planitia (glacier), in one of Pluto’s basins. This ocean would be composed of water, ammonia, and salt, which makes primitive life a possibility. Radioactivity may be heating the ocean. And reddish deposits on the surface may be carbon-based. Pluto is so far from the sun it has taken some astronomers by surprise.

Now I can’t sleep. The Plutonians are coming after us!

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More writing ideas

This is 2015 NASA shot of Pluto, showing what is believed to be a volcano that shoots ice instead of lava, I assume because of the intense cold. Story possibilities abound here.

pluto volcano 15

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