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Little Derby?

I have a suggestion for Churchill Downs: Pony racing. Call it the Little Kentucky Derby. I first watched pony races when I was a vet student at Michigan State. They are a lot of fun.

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Mystery photo

I don’t know the specifics about this photo, except that it is rural Kentucky. Judging from the 2 cars, I would say around 1940. I was not surprised about the horse and buggy. I recall a man in Taylorsville, Kentucky driving a pony wagon to town to grocery shop. My grandpa recalled Louisville in the 1890s, before cars. He said the stench from road apples was terrible.

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One brave pony

My children’s novel, Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, features Gertrude, a pinto pony. She sometimes steals the show! What kid (or grownup kid) doesn’t like ponies? That goes double for courageous ponies.

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