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The Pope Lick Monster inhabits the high train trestle spanning Pope Lick Creek near Fisherville, Kentucky. (Pope was a pioneering family who owned a salt lick)

“I am sick of being called a goat-man. I am neither goat nor man. I am your worst nightmares come true.”

[warning: many people have died on this no-trespassing train trestle]


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The Pope Lick Monster is a half-man, half-goat creature reputed to haunt the high railroad trestle that spans Pope Lick Creek near Fisherville, Kentucky, 15 or so miles from Louisville. (note: many people have died on the trestle, including May 26, 2019) There are reports going back to before World War Two about this monster, which was before Bigfoot sightings were recorded for this area.

In recent years, the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Association has numerous reports of bigfoot in the Fisherville area. Some people describe a Bigfoot with mange—possibly leading to early sightings referring to it as the Pope Lick Monster. All the deaths attributed to the Pope Lick Monster are a result of being on a railroad track with a train coming. The most serious confrontation with the Pope Lick Monster has been throwing stones at Boy Scouts. No local reports of Bigfoot concern violence.

Truth or fiction? I wouldn’t bet on either. You can bet on me writing about it.



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