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Boriken Hero

Agüeybana el Bravo AKA Agüeybana II “the Great Sun” was Cacique or chief of the Tainos of Boriken AKA Puerto Rico. Leading the Tainos in war against the Spanish, he died in the 1511 Battle of Yagüecas.

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The Taino of Boriken (Puerto Rico) were a great civilization though Columbus tried to destroy them. They live on–there are many Taino groups in Boriken. They are keeping their culture alive.

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Columbus failed!

Columbus tried to destroy the Caribbean Native Americans. The Taino (Arawak) are still with us! One group still speaks the Taino language. The Taino are especially active in Boriken (Puerto Rico). Many islands still bear their Taino names. Note Florida is on this map.

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