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Squash pie? The canned pumpkin found in groceries is made from Dickinson’s squash AKA Dickinson’s pumpkin, though it is closely related to Hubbard’s squash. While there are pie pumpkins, they are not used commercially. (pumpkin is a variety of squash, and orange inside varieties all taste the same to me) [1st image is Dickinson’s; 3rd image is Hubbard’s]

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Oh, Great Pumpkin

Great Pumpkin, thy followers have gathered,

Hand-in-hand in this splendid pumpkin patch.

We await thy rising, thy presence,

Thy bounty on us please do bestow.

Night hath fallen on this Halloween,

Only thy rising can make this world right.

Ignoring the bitter cold and our great fear,

We sing praises of thy endless glory.

We have cast away those who do not believe,

Those who make light of our great devotion.

We beg humbly, send us a sure sign,

So that we might tell others of thy return.


Charles Suddeth/October 28, 2020/Louisville

[Editor’s note: Mr. Suddeth wastes too much time reading the comics]

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