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On August 7, 1782 General George Washington awarded the Badge of Military Merit to 3 Revolutionary War soldiers. It is now known as the Purple Heart. Over 1.8 million wounded or killed military men & women have received this award.

Here is a partial list of my family that were either wounded or killed in war:

A great-great-great Uncle, William Sudduth, died at the Battle of Raisin River, War of 1812.

My great-great grandfather, Lucilious Pate, came home in 1865 to find out that his younger brother, Wesley, had drowned when an army steamboat caught fire, & another brother, James, had died in battle.

My great-grandfather, Thomas Gillenwaters, came home in 1865 from the Union Army, his father dead, his family starving, & a brother whose name I cannot recall had died in battle.

My great-great grandfather, Samuel Anderson, made it home it 1865 from the Union Army, but his health & lungs were ruined.

Clarence Dean, an uncle, woke up in 1945 in a European battlefield morgue. He died in his 90’s but would never talk about it.

James Fugit, an uncle, fought with Patton, had his legs crushed in Germany in 1945. Doctors told him he would never walk, but 6 months later, he walked out of a military hospital & lived another 60 years.

My list is not complete, but these men should not be forgotten.

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