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Neanderthal Dinner

I consulted archeological and historical periodicals to assemble this recipe and show what life 50,000 years ago might have been like. Yes, in real life they probably didn’t eat on our schedule, but they got hungry just like we do. Warning, I am not a cook. For safety’s sake (and your taste buds’ sake) consult a food expert before attempting this recipe. I am a writer who likes to sneak food into his stories.

Neanderthal Dinner—Water-lily stew


2 or 3 medium-sized Water lily pads

A handful of white acorns (hulls have round ends) or walnuts

One squirrel or other small animal such as rabbit or rats

Handful of wild onions

Wild parsnips

Wild olives


Drop hot rocks into a bison-skin bag filled with water and boil lily pads until tender.

Peel & chop parsnips and pitted olives, add to mixture

Skin squirrel and broil it. Add meat, innards, and bones to the lily pads.

Add wild onions, olives, and acorns to the mixture, and serve while warm.

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