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I have a manuscript I call a sci fi thriller. Dream Flyer. Dean receives neurotrophic drugs & dreams of Tesla’s lost papers. Cindy helps him escape. Whose side is she on?

An editor from a large publisher read it & liked it, but he had to reject it because I wrote it like a thriller (which I did).

My question is how do I write science fiction so that it doesn’t read like a thriller? Less action & intrigue, paying more attention to the scientific details? In other words, would I need to explain the science, rather than keep the plot running fast?


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August 21-24, 2014; Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon
Nashville, TN at the Hutton Hotel

For writers and fans of mystery, thrillers, suspense, crime, fantasy, sci fi, YA, horror, and other dark fiction and non-fiction. I will attend.



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I don’t have the resources to give everyone Christmas gifts, but if you click on Bonus Stories, you can read two of my short stories. “Only A dream” is sci fi and “World Traveler” is fantasy with a dash of dark humor.  In any case, I hope the Holidays treats everyone well.


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