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Aye, Scottish am I

April 6 is National Tartan Day AKA Scottish Independence Day. On April 6, 1320 the Declaration of Arbroath was signed. I salute my 8th-great grandfather, David Suddeth, who emigrated from Scotland to Jamestown about 1625.

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Ghost isle

Stroma Island/ghost town is off the north coast of Scotland. The town of 341 was abandoned in 1961, the light house abandoned in 1997. Once the home to a castle and moonshiners, the 930 acres are now a sheep pasture. And ghosts?

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Water kelpies inhabit Scottish lochs and rivers. They are evil spirits taking the form of a black, aquatic horse. But out of the water, they just might take human form! Beware!

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I want to wish everyone a happy but safe New Years Eve.

Scotland’s Hogmanay Festival, which starts New Year’s Eve, and ends January 2 has nothing to do with hogs. In addition to our New Year’s Eve traditions, they have many more, including bonfires & the sprinkling of “magic water.” (comes from a spring, not a whiskey bottle) I always love an excuse to party so I may start a Kentucky version.


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