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Sequoya Day

Osiyo ᎣᏏᏲ hello

October 15 is Sequoya Day. 200 years ago, Sequoya ᏎᏉᏯ (1770-1843) presented the Cherokee Syllabary to the Cherokee people. His script inspired the invention of 21 other scripts. We honor his memory. Wado ᏩᏙ thank you.

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Sequoya’s Kentucky roots

Sequoyah Mystery: These markings in the Cherokee syllabary are dated 1808 or 1818. His syllabary wasn’t completed until 1821, but Sequoyah worked on them for years. The cave is the burial site of Chief Redbird ᏦᏧᏩ tso-tsu-hwa in southeastern Kentucky. Sequoyah had relatives in the area, and he taught at the Choctaw Academy near Georgetown Kentucky. Ha-tlv ᎭᏢ where?

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