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Beware of the Proxmians!

BLC1 has happened! (Breakthrough Listen Candidate 1) A SETI radio signal candidate. Proxima centauri is a small star 4.2 light years away, our closest neighbor. Proxima B, one of its planets, may be earth-like. In 2019, possible SETI signals were detected, and in December 2020, scientist decided to categorize it BLC-1, though other explanations are possible.

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On this day, the Big Ear radio telescope detected the WOW! Signal, a 72-second burst at 1420-megahertz, 21 cm—a strong radio signal. It is sometimes referred to as the 6EQUJ5 Signal—this is not the message—but the radio signal intensity expressed in a code used by the project.

Though this is controversial, it remains unexplained except as a SETI contact, the only SETI contact to date. (there are other explanations though none have been proven) Thanks to OrangeBean for a heads up.


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