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Around the time of the Revolutionary War, a trader named Charles Tully set up a trading post about 20 miles north-east of Louisville, a mile from Charlestown, Indiana. Charles Tully was likely Meti—half French/half Shawnee. He traded with local Shawnees. Whites moved in, and the town became Springville before being abandoned a few years later.

A couple miles away, in Utica, Indiana is the Witches Castle. Three sisters, Tully’s daughters from his Shawnee wife, lived here. Legend has it that the 3 sisters were burnt out and driven from their home because they were Shawnee. The place is said to be haunted by them.

I would love to write about this. Some Tully descendants still live in the Charlestown area. I have been unsuccessful in contacting them. (I believe my Cherokee great-great grandfather moved to the area and married into these Shawnee) If anyone can help me contact them, I would so much appreciate it.

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