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Shawnee hero

Cornplanter – Hokolesqua – Ear of Corn (1720-1777) was a Shawnee chief. His original home was Shawnee Springs, Winchester Virginia. 1754, he relocated across the mountains along the Ohio/Pennsylvania border. Leader of the Battle of Mt. Pleasant 1774, he was murdered while visiting Americans on a diplomatic mission.

Weirdly, both my grandfathers have Shawnee grandmothers from the Shawnee Springs area.

Orval Pait (Mary Mann Greenfield) and Lawrence Suddeth (Julia Harris Suddeth)

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My hero

March 9, 1768 is the birthday of Tecumseh, greatest of all Shawnee chiefs, possibly the greatest military leader in American history. His name means Crouching Panther—he belonged to the Panther clan, but his name is also a euphemism for shooting star. He was born in the Chillicothe, Ohio vicinity, possibly Old Chillicothe.

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Giant Warrior Woman

Nonhelema Hokolesqua was born 1718 near Greenbrier River, WV, died 1786 Ohio. A female Piqua Shawnee Chief, sister of Chief Cornstalk, she was born into the Chillicothe Shawnee. Nonhelema “Not a Man” stood 6 feet 6 inches and was noted for seeking peace. At one point, she lived in Lower Shawneetown (Shawanoa)—the main town was at Portsmouth Ohio, but she lived across the Ohio River in Greenup County Kentucky.

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Tecumseh’s folks

Absentee Shawnee Tribe

They have 3 bands: 1) The White Turkey Band (named after a 19th century chief) Shawnee, Oklahoma, and is mostly Piqua and Thawikila Shawnee. 2) Big Jim Band (Tecumseh’s grandson) Little Axe 3) Yuchi, non-Shawnee. (my great-great grandmother, Mary Mann, was Piqua but she never made it to the reservation)

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Shawnee warriors!

Piqua Shawnee (Pekowi): Currently live on the Absentee-Shawnee reservation in Oklahoma and the Piqua Reservation in Alabama. They also settled Eskippakithiki, Kentucky and Shawneetown, Illinois (My Shawnee ancestors lived in this town).

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Shawnees in Illinois

Vinyard Indian Settlement: In 1810, 80 Kispoko Shawnee crossed the river and hid to avoid white militia. They are still on Karber’s Ridge, Hardin County, Illinois, including High Knob, near Cave-in-Rock—also close to Old Shawneetown, a Piqua Shawnee settlement—my Shawnee family settled in Old Shawneetown about 1863.


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You don’t mess with Shawnee warriors! Tecumseh’s crew.

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Kwas’ kamawe: Shawnee ceremonial football game is still played in conjunction with the Spring Bread Dance. Women and girls against men and boys. Males can only kick the ball—females can pick it up and run with it. Ribbons are bet. To score you put the ball through your opponent’s goal.

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Out of the Ashes

The Pekowi AKA Piqua (Man Who Arose from the Ashes) was one of the Shawnees septs. They moved frequently: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Illinois.  They currently reside on the Absentee Shawnee Reservation in Oklahoma, the Piqua Sept Shawnee of Ohio, and the Piqua Shawnee of Alabama. My Shawnee ancestors lived in Columbiana, Ohio along the Pennsylvania border, and moved to Shawneetown, Illinois, settled by the Pekowi. [site of town of Piqua, pole. Battle of Piqua, 1780]

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Shawnee warrior!

Don’t mess with Shawnee warriors. This British officer will soon wish he’d stayed in London. The British had a hard time figuring out that Indians didn’t stand in lines and fight. (Disease decimated Indians, not British troops)

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