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Snow, come and get me!


Some ideas for writing.

(taken from Merriam-Webster online)

Sposh: Soft slushy mud or snow. (I call this slush) E.g. My car got stuck in the sposh.

Blizzard: long severe snowstorm. E.g. The blizzard of ’78 was the worst of the century.

Onding: A heavy fall of rain or snow, but less than a blizzard. (Scotland/ North England) E.g. I pulled over until the snow onding had passed.

Skift: A light fall of snow or rain. I would say a dusting of snow or light rain. E.g. A skift of snow forced me to drive below the speed limit.

Graupel: Granular snow pellets, soft hail. E.g. The graupel didn’t damage my car.

Névé: The partially compacted granular snow that forms the surface part of the upper end of a glacier; a field of granular snow. E.g. We skied on the edge of the névé.

Firnification: The process whereby snow is changed to névé. E.g. Firnification takes many years.

Grue: Thin floating ice: snow. I think what I call crusted snow. E.g. The boy was so light he could walk on the grue.

Sleet: A mixture of rain and snow. E.g. The sleet soon turned to snow.

Corn snow: A granular snow formed by alternate thawing and freezing. Skiers call it Spring Snow. E.g. We skied over the corn snow.


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