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Snowbird Mountains

The beautiful Snowbird Mountains are centered in Graham County, North Carolina a few miles south of the Smokey Mountains. Even today, they are home to the Snowbird Cherokees. (junco AKA snowbird)

Stone Man and the Trail of Tears: Juvenile Fiction: Soldiers attack 12-year-old Tsatsi’s Cherokee village, his family flees to the Smokys. Facing storms, flood, & hunger, they go where Stone Man, a monstrous giant, is rumored to live. http://www.dancinglemurpressllc.com/new-adultyoung-adultmiddle-grade

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Mountain Magic

The Snowbird Mountains of North Carolina are adjacent to the Smokey Mountains. They are still the home of the Snowbird Community, part of the Cherokee Reservation. Much of the story of my novel, Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, takes place in the Snowbird Mountains.

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