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Lockdown Blues

Hey, don’t tell me I have nothing to do,

I’m sure not thinking about little ole you.

I’m counting the flowers on the wall,

Waiting for civilization’s certain fall.


My beard has grown down past my belly,

I smell just like grandma’s mushroom jelly.

Playing card games with a deck of fifty-one,

So yes, I’m having lots and lots of fun.


I stay in bed all night and most of the day,

Trying to figure out why you went away.

Be a good girl, throw a log on the fire,

I might let you slip back under the wire.


I got no TP, but I never have to worry,

For life has lost all its bustle and hurry.

Vines covered my front door and my old car,

But even if I wake up, I’m not going very far.

[Editor’s note: Mr. Suddeth was too sleepy to remember the words to the Statler Bros. great old song, so he added his own sorry words]


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