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One wild lady!

Women’s History Month:  Princess Enheduanna lived in Ur, Sumer about 2200 BC. She was the daughter of King Sargon of the Akkadian Empire and Queen Tashlultum, likely Sumerian. Enhedunna was High Priestess of Innana, Goddess of Love. Later she was involved in political intrigues. Her claim to fame: History’s first known author, writing in Sumerian cuneiform.

Five of her works survive. Her most well-known work, Nin-me-šara or The Exaltation of Inanna, deals with palace intrigue. The other four are collections of hymns: In-nin ša-gur-ra or Inanna…. (translation unknown).  n-nin me-huš-a or Inanna and Ebih. The Temple Hymns. And lastly, Hymn to Nanna.

Lady Inanna, Queen of heaven and earth,

Beloved of An, King of heaven and earth,

Thy light doth…

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Ancient Words III

Long ago we all sat around the same campfire

Proto-Indo-European had separate words for moist, standing water, and running water


Part three: water—from Proto Indo-European *akwa- water (water as animate, flowing):

ea (eya) river—Anglo-Saxon

ab water—Sumerian

mbi (mBEE) water—Lenape/Delaware

ap water—Sanskrit

aqua (akwa) water—Latin

yeb water—Balinese

yaku water—Quechua


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