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A T-Rex has escaped from the Headley Hill Labs. They’ve been warned not to let their clones loose in town, but they claim it was an accident. I snapped the photos at Tom Sawyer State Park. (got a little close on one of them)

Good news: It is a young T-Rex, maybe 25 feet high. T-Rex aren’t that fast–a good sprinter can can outrun them. They have lousy sense of smells. He’s alone.

Bad news: They have keen eyes–hide. SHHH. Their hearing is super. One aw-shucks and you are supper. People are tasty snacks.

Last sighted on Hurstbourne Parkway, heading for Indiana. Have a nice day. I’ll be in my cave.

[Editor’s note: someone slipped espresso shots into Mr. Suddeth’s coffee. We are not amused]

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Recently, scientists discovered dinosaur fossils with blood and tissue left inside them—once thought to be impossible. They are hoping to extract DNA from red blood cells. (bird and dinosaur RBCs have nuclei—our RBCs lack nuclei) Among the RBC samples is one from a T-Rex. Write about it? You better believe it.





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