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The Taino Indians live in Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. They fought Columbus. Epidemics almost got them, but many survived. I bet their women warriors were fierce.

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Cuba’s past lives on

In the mountains of eastern Cuba, thousands of Taino Indians live, retaining much of their ancient culture. The city of Baracoa is the center of Cuban Taino culture. (baracoense cuisine pictured)

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The Taino of Boriken (Puerto Rico) were a great civilization though Columbus tried to destroy them. They live on–there are many Taino groups in Boriken. They are keeping their culture alive.

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In 1492, Columbus met the Taino (Arawak tribe), and he did his best to destroy them. Columbus failed. Taino groups are all over the Caribbean. Today, 200,000 Garifuna people live in Central America. They are a mixture of Taino, Carib Indians, and African blacks—the base of their language is Taino. [Garifuna in bright colots]

Some Garifuna words:

Buiti binafi hello (good day)

Seremein thanks

Ayó Dai haruga (until tomorrow)


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